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The DRAGON sets the bar in 2017. In this Fire Rooster year, powerfully strong performances carry you to victory in spite of often unfair competition. Obstacles brought on by jealous people cause temporary misfortune to delay you, and block your way. This will stimulate your dormant EARTH spirit to spring to life. Use advice within to ensure what you attain is long term. The Dragon can soar to great heights, in sync with its inner Wind Horse, whose strength is at its peak this year. There is hence excellent success luck and loads of good fortune. Signs are very auspicious indeed!

Good news on your way during the Autumn months of August, September and October. The double 9 in September is an especially lucky month. That is when previously blocked plans and projects move strongly ahead and you enjoy an inner spurt of energy. Stay strong and inspired by wearing or carrying the WINDHORSE through the year. Don't leave home without it if you want to beat the competition. The Dragon can enjoy a breakthrough year in alliance with the Rooster, so display this powerful icon of the year in your personal space.