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The ROOSTER's strong "lung ta" brings solid hidden luck that channels powerful success and enables you to beat competitive colleagues and aggravations brought by the #3 star. Avoid open conflicts. Deflect quarrelsome energies and wear red! 2017 is dominated by your own sign. This brings you the support of the Tai Sui, the all-powerful Lord of the year, lifting you to new levels of success. Follow the advice given within the pages here to trigger your multiple talents and capabilities to blossom. Let these pave the way to new attainments. Be positive. Feel your inner strength emerge!

Excellent business profits ripen strongly for you in April when the powerful Ho Tu of 8/3 manifests for you. Energize this potent feng shui indication to enjoy excellent good fortune. You also enjoy sum-of-ten frequencies in May. Lean on the powerful God of the Year by displaying his image near you and make sure you are wearing the Windhorse in gold through the year and especially during your lucky months. Your 8/3 Ho Tu returns during lunar year end in January.