Rabbit Bundle
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The RABBIT benefits hugely from the powerful star 8, which brings exceptional prosperity luck this year. The strength of 8 as ruler of the current period overrides the weaker aspects s other indications affecting your sign. The Rabbit's cardinal status bestows the auspicious potency of #8 all to itself, helping you rise above weaker indications. Activating the 8 star will overcome obstacles that block you from achieving everything you want. Use the incredibly powerful Water Wheel to activate the Splendid #8! Let good feng shui magnify all your attainments this year.

Your lucky months are incredibly powerful and you have more of them than other animal sign this year. Energize your Ho Tu combination in May, and activate your sum-of-ten month in June with the powerful enhancers for this purpose. This year, go in search of your life force stone to solidify the luck of the year, and display the 8 TREES 6 BIRDS GOLDEN FOREST to ensure a great harvest. This means big profits for those in business, and upward mobility for those in a career situation.